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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cards 179-187

Card 179 duck and chic

Card 180:kitten and chick

#181 wheat sunset

#182 pink roses

#183 love laugh dream

#184 bat who don't do mornings

#185 Filling the chaser bin

#186 echidna

#187 Cat needs help

Sunday, January 2, 2011

cards 167- 178

card 167 . Pink bee

Card 168 lamb someone special

Card 169 racing car trucks

Card 170 happy birthday horse

card 171 Everybody's talking

card 172 Bee verse

Card 173 Sunset tractor

card 174 b/w flower

Card 175 Smile dog

card 176 for a chick on the run

card 177 quilt...special treatment

card 178 bogged tractor verse

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Welcome to the new giftcard size card range. These are in addition to the normal card range. They are approximately half the size. 10.5 x 7 cms or 4.5 x 2.75 inches. No envelopes. Still professionally printed in gloss on a good quality card. Special this week, have 5 of these mailed anywhere in the world for $5...normally at least $6. .....10 for $10 etc. Australian buyers get an extra card thrown in due to postal difference. Email me at oq.mum@hotmail to purchase or stock. Tracey

G1 laugh, love quilt

G2 Yay!

G3 Joey

G4 aust native pea

G5 quilts unfinished...

G6 wheat

G7 chooks pink quilt

G8 chooks and quilt

G9 patchwork is always the fashion

G10 brolga

G11 banksia

G12 wedge tail eagle

G13 bw succulent

G14 echidna

G15 kangaroo paw

G16 red kangaroo paw

G17 happy birthday sheep

G18 Happy birthday bee

G19 close up quilt

G20 clematis

G21 shrub

G22 singer

G23 mountain sowing

G24 you stand out

G25 poppy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This month's latest cards

#159 kiss me

#160 lone star

#161. b/w congratulations

#162 Calf with string quilt

#163 wheat sunset

#164 b/w hands

#165 hoppy birthday

#166 fast food delivery van