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Saturday, June 20, 2009

cards 1-10

I have been playing around with the best way to display my cards for those who aren't local. I am going to give this a me if you are interested, details in the sidebar. The "Tracey demo" wording does not appear on the actual cards.

1. cat with complaint

2. sunset wire

3. sunset sowing

4. wasted life

5. canola fence

6.mountain tractor view

7. lambs in the sun

8. lightning verse

9.frizzle with chicks

10. Local cemetery at dusk

Cards 11-21 canola

12. silo rainbow

13. calves ear

14.plain wheat

15. mountain view

16. Church harvest thanks

17. red tractor mountain

18.Plans to prosper

19. Boots quilt

20. kids canola

21. ducks live well..

Cards 22-31

22. a rich man sheep

23. plain flower bee

24. boots and verse

25. header and truck

26. Chicks hatching

27. bees on lavendar

28. plain sheep and tractor

29. Most stash

30. rainbow silo and verse

31. baby kangaroo

cards 32-42

32. That sucks

33, grand essentials chook

34. rose on black

35. Rooster thinking

36. Love well...

37. we tend to forget

38. Chicks rule

39. Local cemetery..thy word

40. quilt top

41. A sister

42. Look for miracles

Cards 43-54

43. calf in quilt

44. pink rose

45. Be still storm

46. Laugh, love

47. teddy realises

48.sunset header

49. lambs on stone bridge

50. ducks and verse

51. mountain sowing, no people

52. Closeup pink flower

53. John 3:15

54. Plain chooks and quilts