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Saturday, June 20, 2009

cards 1-10

I have been playing around with the best way to display my cards for those who aren't local. I am going to give this a me if you are interested, details in the sidebar. The "Tracey demo" wording does not appear on the actual cards.

1. cat with complaint

2. sunset wire

3. sunset sowing

4. wasted life

5. canola fence

6.mountain tractor view

7. lambs in the sun

8. lightning verse

9.frizzle with chicks

10. Local cemetery at dusk


  1. Tracey - These are just absolutely amazing! I wish you the best with them - they are awesome!

  2. These are wonderful cards! I love the Frizzle with chicks...the feathers are beautiful! I know hubby would love any of the farm scene ones (since we have a small farm). I love the quilts, calves, chickens and sheep....keep up the wonderful work! I saw you were sponsoring a contest on Quilting Gallery. Hope your card venture pans out successfully.


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